Welcome to Rørvik Fishing Apartments!

Rørvik Fishing Apartments is idyllically located at Nærøysundet, which leads to skerries filled with 6000 islands and islets. From here you can breathe fresh air and just enjoy the magnificent nature. Whether you are a skilled fisherman or not, we guarantee that you will catch a fish while enjoying your stay.

All our apartments have great views of the fairway, and you can almost throw your fishing line out from the balcony. Jump aboard one of our rental boats, bring along some good advice from our guide and your trip will most certainly be a success. Let us light the grill for you, so that you will be able to prepare and sample today’s catch, before ending the day with a walk down to the quay to take a closer look at the Coastal Steamer.

What about taking some yoga on the wharfside? We like to stretch both body and mind in our bright and modern yoga studio. Or let us take a trip to a small fishing village where we will meditate out in the fresh air and sea spray.